Other Support

While this website has a primary focus on offering supportive resources for victims of abuse, the contents are also intended to provide an insight into various elements of the dysfunction of the organisation of Jehovah’s Witnesses and also to provide clarity for moving forward for the many who have been so negatively impacted by their association with this group.

Whether you are involved currently with Jehovah’s Witnesses (Watchtower) and you are questioning the moral ethics and the doctrinal disarray of the organisation, so evident world-wide; or perhaps you have disassociated yourself at some time; or maybe you have been disfellowshipped; or perhaps you have just “faded” – whatever your situation, you will find hereeither motivation to inspire you with courage to break free from the oppressive control of the organisation or gain validation for a decision that you’ve already made and acted upon!

We appreciate that so many of you have suffered damage either mentally, psychologically, or sometimes, even physically, as a direct consequence of living in this religion with its highly demanding environment and crippling control over one’s way of life.

We are here to support your journey to personal freedom and relief from the unnatural way of life imposed by Jehovah’s Witnesses:

  1. By sharing resources and experiences for dealing with the effects of departing from the religion.
  2. By highlighting ways to manage the consequential shunning and the traumas that often go with it, such as, separation, divorce, other family break-ups, financial pressures, etc.
  3. By pointing you toward useful resources that can help you rebuild your self-esteem and restore positivity about your life and future.

How do we do this?

We do it by using any of the following methods:

  • Personal emails
  • Personal phone calls
  • By putting you in contact with survivors who have faced similar challenges
  • Providing relevant website links
  • Recommending ways of connecting with professional counsellors
  • Suggesting supportive books and internet articles
  • Putting you in contact with relevant online (and live) support groups

Face-to-Face meetups:

We have a number of small, welcoming meetup groups across the country that occasionally meet informally at a nominated café, bar or restaurant. These are great opportunities to meet like-minded people, face to face, to mix socially and share experiences in an easy-going environment, to socialise and make friends with others who understand you.  

Get in touch

Privacy Assurance: As a legal requirement, JWs 4 Justice is bound by the Privacy Act, 1993 to keep any personal details strictly private. Should any of the above methods of assistance require an exchange of personal contact details, we need your express written permission allowing us to do so.