About the Royal Commission

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Historical Abuse in State Care and in the Care of Faith-based Institutions was established on 12 November 2018 when the Government set the final Terms of Reference for the Inquiry.


In an effort to support the scores of victims and survivors of sexual abuse (including all forms of abuse), who have experienced such mistreatment in the environment of Jehovah’s Witnesses in NZ, this particular Royal Commission of Inquiry is providing a perfect opportunity for you to have the circumstances of your situation heard and acknowledged by the legal system of NZ. Your input will be a valuable contribution in assisting the government to explore the matter of appropriate redress for survivors and also in determining any legislation changes needed that will impact on similar cases of such abuse in the future.

We encourage you take advantage of this opportunity and in order to do so, we have included some background into the purpose and structure of this Royal Commission and have clarified the steps required, so that you may participate in the most fitting way.

The information that follows is based on extracts from the Royal Commission’s website:


In order to participate, the process can only start by registering with The Royal Commission:

To assist you in putting together your notes, whether you choose to submit a written report or prefer to share in person at The Inquiry, the attached guide will help you arrange your information in a logical, meaningful sequence.

Reporting Guide for victims and survivors with a Jehovah’s Witness background

Private Sessions:


Submissions can be made in writing, in audio or video format and directed in any of the following ways:

Recent success – Australia:

Australia has recently undertaken and completed a similar Inquiry which included Watchtower Australia., resulting in some very positive outcomes:

Read the finding of the Royal Commission undertaken in Australia